May 28, 2010

How’s it going UC Denver Crew ?

It’s been three full days and nights in Berlin proper. Three days was the morning my focus three days old. Berlin has been beautiful and haunting all at once. The overcast and gloom has definitely added to the whole mystique and aura of this wonderful city. It’s hard to imagine the divisions that permeated, though I can still feel it. The power of the remnants run through me like a a train through the tunnel. The architecture has been an entwined mix of old and modern design. The way the buildings snake through the city along with the graffiti, nature, and people remind me of a song by the Smiths entitled “William It Was Really Nothing.” Such a large portion of the city was decimated during the war, the restoration and rebuilding was an undertaking that is unimaginable in my eyes and mind. The two sides of Berlin are really unique. I’m not going to judge the East from the West as far as which is better or which I enjoy more. It is all relative to one another. The city is clean and fresh dressed with a fervor reminiscent of a calm and collected Chicago. I am a bit taken back by the lack of skin color. I’ve been wondering where all the international brothers and sisters of color are. I was fortunate enough to find a sect on Wednesday in the weeeeee hours of the night at a club pretty close to the hostel in which I dwell. Raga Muffin, it felt good to see the diverse cultures enjoying each other freely. Just think how different this all could of been. This wouldn’t have been. West Africans, Germans, Americans, not to mention two French women on holiday coexisting. A journey into the Turkish section of town in search of food and other services continues to remind how far Germany has come in 65 years. Grab a scent of wonderment new birth and new tint will the earth move beyond new moons and pocket lint. I left the womb with a whole plan take my seat in life and rock the chair like an old man. But in another time days flowed blind like the sunshine pantomime your mind drop it on a dime. For goodness sake these two worlds relate like a Muslim god and goddess with pork on their plates. In general the amount of information historically, politically, and socially has required a lot of processing. My posts will be a way in which my mind can connect them rather it be cohesive or non-cohesive. Friday’s tour will be the piece that I need in order to begin coagulating the political and historical aspects. It is sure to be profound and emotional as the trip has been so far. I have felt boxed in defeatedand exhilerated but mostly I’ve felt  hope.


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