The Stasi are watching you

July 14, 2010

As we kept exploring Berlin, we came to a point in history that would make Berlin unique. It has right after World War 2, when the German Democratic Republic (GDR) came to power. The MfS better known as the Stasi was an important instrument to enforce communism in East Germany. About 91, 000 Stasi members were surveillance, creating camps, prisons to mistreats the prisoners who were considered ‘terrorist’.

 In May 1945, “Special Camp No.3” was created, holding about 20,000 prisons, form this camp many were sent to Sachenhausen, the Nazi concentration camp.

According to soviets statistics about 886 people died, but it is estimated that 3,000 or more prisoners died. The living conditions in the camps and prisons were horrific, famous people such as the famous actor Heinrich George,

 democratic commander of the Berlin police, Karl Heinrich, and many others died in these camps. In October of 1946 the camps were closed, but the Stasi kept imprisons people. A famous cellar, “U-boot or Submarine” was created to imprison prisoners.

 Living conditions here were disgusting. A small room with many people, one wooden bend, and a bucket used as a toilet.


 You could imagine the smell. These people could not sit or lady down, they had to be standing up the whole day and were given permission to sleep form certain hours, with nothing of light, but light bulb lighting 24 hours. The Stasi prison and underground prison came under jurisdiction in March 1951. Over 200 prison cells and interrogations cells was a secret area. Many things had changed in these prisons, psychological violence was cruelty. Prisoner was to feel helpless. In 1989 the SED dictatorship was overthrown and the Stasi also ended and closed all prisons. As we walked in the Stasi museum and prison, and looking at all the files of millions of people, I came to realized this was all true. Before we left Berlin, we watch movie about the Stasi, it seemed so hard to believe, and you couldn’t even trust your own family, because they could have been spies. This was truly amazing, because I had never seen something so fascinating as the millions of files that contained people’s lives.


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